A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Can you imagine to wake up, somewhere far away from home? In a completely different world?

This is what happened ,you can remember nothing at all and all you see is a oasis somewhere in a desert.....all you know is ,YOU need to find a way out, because no one wan't to stay in a desert.

Now it is about you to find out of this disadvantageous situation, or you will be a guest in the desert your whole live...



Another Mythical Journey is a adventure in which you have to find a way out of the different worlds (levels).

Search  for useful items that can help you on your way home.

Combine items so you can jump into the next world.



The game is still in development.

Demo Version2.0 is live.

How to play

-First person controller


- Use "SPACE" to jump 

- Press" I "to open the Inventory and "Esc" to close it

- Press "M" to open the menu

Show and Hide CURSOR with "C"


Developer: SweetMouse (Julia)

Based in Bavaria,Germany

Release date: 14.12.2018 Demo Version1.0

Platform: PC

Website: https://sweetmousegames.jimdofree.com

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3AYprGAqnGSWRKCzg3lAFA?view_as=subscriber

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SweetMouse85

Price: TBD

Install instructions

Just double click to install.


Another Mythical Journey Demo2.0.exe 114 MB
AnotherMYthicalJourneyDemo2.0Linux.7z 185 MB

Development log


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Hello everyone!

Another great game I picked up by talking to people on twitter and following different indie developers. This is made by one person only and the developer is working hard to improve things further and cant wait to see what else the game will change in a few days/months. You can get the game to try out for yourselves on here as you know and experience this adventure game. I failed a bit at it as I was not very good but I particularly enjoyed the graphics, the game play and it looked impressive. I hope you get a chance to check it out the game for yourselves get involved in the community on here  and maybe offer the developer feedback or advice and help them develop the game reach its potential

Thank you for supporting indie games and my channel by watching my content. I'll see you at the next one!

I’m unable to get the Linux version to launch, but I do have Windows also, so I’m gonna download that version to :)

A fun game with lots of mystery & atmosphere - I really enjoyed playing it - well  done ;)

Thank you! Happy you like it! :)

I had to change "1" to "2" in the name of game executable to make it work on Linux. But I can't start the Forest level

Thank you for letting me know, will fix it soon. 

Muito bom o jogo, cenas incriveis, jogo espetacular..

Thank you so much my friend! Aprreciate it! 

Looking good

Thank you!

Looks promising!

Thank you!